It is centuries in the future of humanity. As it has done all along, our race gains more and more scientific knowledge and believes less and less in gods or supernatural forces. One small group, the Order of Chandoblis, has not forgotten the old forces, yet neither do they shun technology. Some view them as simply crazed lunatics, but their supernatural abilities are not simply imagined. Members of the Order generally like to think of themselves as pacifistic, yet they can blend technology and psychic powers to become incredibly competent fighters or special operatives. Indeed, the Order often takes combat and law-enforcement missions from the  League of Spacefaring Planets(LSP)
   You are Richard Blackstone, a young Order member. You are competent and have been in combat before, but you have not nearly developed your powers yet. The Governing Council of the League of Spacefaring Planets has told senior members of the Order that the LSP has lost all contact with a remote outpost in an area known to be devoid of anything hostile. The Order itself had contacts in the area and they have also gone silent. Chandoblis leaders fear that something bad may be going on and you and a small group of others are sent in small fighter craft to scout out the situation.