Crucible of Stars development is currently in a semi-active state. Both of the main developers are currently completing their educations and sadly find little time to spare on development of Crucible of Stars. The project is therefore not dead, but close to a state of hibernation. See the Documentation page for more information about developing Crucible of Stars.

Info about needed models

CVS Access

There is a CVS repository for the Crucible code which can be browsed online at or may be accessed (read-only) by a cvs client configured as follows:
Protocol: :pserver authentication
Port: 2401
Repository Path: /cvsroot/crucibleofstars
Username: anonymous
Repository Name/Module: one of source,Tools, or Crucible of Stars depending on what you want (the "Crucible of Stars" module has binaries and data files)

While I don't expect great interest in the sourcecode, if anyone is interested in contributing, please let me know.