Any downloads for Crucible of Stars are available here. This is an open source project, so I promise to give the source, the whole source, and everthing including the source.

Current Playable Demo 0.2 (12/31/06): (Windows installer)
Source 0.2 (12/31/06): (zip archive)  Source for the above demo
Obsolete Playable Demo 0.1 (7/11/06): (Windows installer)
Source 0.1 (6/12/06): (zip archive) Source for the above demo

Other Downloads

These are not releases of Crucible of Stars, but are code snippets or small applications I have made in developing Crucible of Stars. They may be of interest to developers.

AStar Code 1.1     (note that the included test app is very lousy, doesn't really demonstrate anything)

The visibility determination code and demos below are for Irrlicht and IrrlichtNX. Crucible of Stars is now using the Lightfeather 3D engine, which these techiniques have been included in, so these downloads are no longer developed further or supported.

Portal Rendering Code for IrrlichtNX

Portal Rendering Demo
   ((SFX archive)

PVS Computation Tool   (SFX archive. Source included. May be buggy + no GUI )

Culling Demo   (demo of pvs and portal techniques. Similar to Portal Rendering Demo except has pvs as well)

CVS Access

There is a CVS repository for the Crucible code which can be browsed online at or may be accessed (read-only) by a cvs client configured as follows:
Protocol: :pserver authentication
Port: 2401
Repository Path: /cvsroot/crucibleofstars
Username: anonymous
Repository Name/Module: one of source,Tools, or Crucible of Stars depending on what you want (the "Crucible of Stars" module has binaries and data files)

While I don't expect great interest in the sourcecode, if anyone is interested in contributing, please let me know.