Engines and Libraries used by Crcucible of Stars

Lightfeather - 3D engine. The most important component in  an FPS. Electron is one of the developers.

Newton Game Dynamics - Awesome realtime physics engine. Wish I was skilled enough to take full advantage of it

FMOD - Sound API.

Free Fuzzy Logic Library - a library useful for AI

Tools used in creating content for Crucible of Stars

Blender -Good free, open-source 3D modeler. Really the only good free tool for exporting character animation with bones and weights. A bit hard to get the hang of.

Gmax -Scaled-down version of 3DS MAX. Free, at least for commercial use. A bit cumbersome to export from because the file i/o and some other parts of MaxScript have been disabled in it. Good for level modelling.

Tattoo - Pretty good mesh painting tool. Free for non-commercial use.

The GIMP -excellent image tool