Level 1


Opening Video:

[Richard is in a room where he is being briefed by Caerwon]

Caerwon: Your performance at Tarlin was impressive and has made me confident that you are the right man for this job. Ordinarily I would not send you on another mission so soon, but this is urgent and there are few others available at this moment who I could send. The government outpost on the frontier world of Nraglia has stopped reporting and we have been asked to investigate. This is unusual but could be due to a communications problem. However, our outposts and agents in that sector, whose reach extends past that of the government and out to the very edge of known space, have also been silenced. That is very strange and it makes me fear the worst. I am sending three others with you on this mission. Your primary objective is to determine the cause of these communications failures and report on them so that appropriate action may be taken. You may attempt to deal with the problem only if it does not endanger or interfere with the primary mission. You leave tomorrow morning.

Richard: Yes, sir. Good day, sir. [Leaves]

[Four starfighters fly out from the base and enter hyperspace.]

[The starfighters emerge from hyperspace near a planet. The planet has large green landmasses and blue seas.]

Richard (on radio): Approaching Nraglia. Everything looks fine. No other ships about.

[Six starfighters of unknown design approach.]

Other pilot 1: What are those?

Richard: I don’t know. They don’t look like anything I’ve ever seen.

Other pilot 2: See if they’ll talk.

Richard: Roger that. Sending standard hailing signals. [Pause] They’re not answering.

Other pilot 3: Tell headquarters about this.

Richard: Roger. [Pause] It’s being jammed.

Other pilot 1: This doesn’t look good.

[The alien ships begin shooting.]

Richard: They’re attacking.

Other pilot 2: Let’s show ‘em what we’ve got.

[A fight ensues in which the six attacking starfighters are destroyed and none of the Chandoblis are killed.]

Other pilot 3: That was strange. Let’s hope there are no more.

[A huge alien ship approaches. Light fighters pour out of it’s docking bay.]

Richard: That thing’s huge. Where the heck did it come from?

[The four Chandoblis fight the Alassani, but they have no chance. One by one Richard’s allies are killed. Richard in a badly damaged ship is pursued by Alassani fighters toward the capital ship. He flies into a docking bay and crash lands inside. His ship comes to rest on the hangar floor, and he climbs out of the wreckage and looks around. The hangar is empty except for his ship.]

Richard: [Sighs] How am I ever going to get out of this one.

[Play begins.]



1: If player uses (E) time bomb and has bomb codes,

[Play bomb setting animation.]

[Bomb begins beeping.]

Richard: Now, to get out of here.

If have not executed event 1,

[Create squad in corridor 2 with 1 squad leader lower ranking and 9 troopers.]


2: If player shoots coolant pipe,

[Coolant srarts gushing out.]

Intercom voice: Warning. Engine overheating.

[Alarm starts going off.]

Richard: I’ve got to find a way out before this whole thing blows.

If have not executed event 1,

[Create squad in corridor 2 with 1 squad leader lower ranking and 9 troopers.]


3: If player enters hangar 2 and has triggered event 1 and/or event 2,


[A pilot is getting into one of the ships. He turns and shoots at player.


[Presumably, player shoots back and kills pilot.]

If player kills pilot,


[Richard walks over to the ship, gets in, and flies away. He flies toward the planet. The Alassani capital ship explodes behind him.]

[Level ends. Load level 2.]



1 trooper guarding the entrance to each hangar; 4 pilots in equipment room; 2 officers in flight control room; 1 officer in communications room; 1 officer in first office; 1 trooper in flight control room; 1 trooper in communications room; 4 troopers in armory weapons; 1 trooper in armory ammo; 1 trooper in each storage room; 4 troopers in corridor 6; 1 trooper in first explosives room; 12 troopers in living quarters (corridors 7-10 and adjacent rooms); 1 squad of 1 squad leader lower ranking and 4 troopers each in corridor 2 and corridor 3



Starting: TL-34

In level: TL-34, TL-68, Alassani rifle, KM-7, standard frag grenade


New Powers:



High Jump

Slow Fall


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