Level 2


Opening Video:

[Richard's ship comes down towards the planet's surface, flying over a vast forest. An open area, the LSP outpost, appears ahead. Smoke rises from it. Richard lands on the edge of this area. He gets out of the ship and looks at the ruined compound.]

Richard: This place is a mess.

[Commence Play]



1: If player enters officers' room,


[Richard walks into room. The body of Tom Johnston is lying on the floor towards the end of the room. He walks over to it, turns it face up, and sees a face he recognizes.]

Richard: Johnston, how did you get here.

[Anyztsan appears at the doorway armed with an Alassani rail gun. When he speaks Richard turns abruptly to face him.]

Anyztsan: He escaped me at the first outpost, only to die here. Noone gets away from Anyztsan twice.

[Anyztsan steps fully into the room and fires. The door closes and locks behind him. At the same time, Richard psychically pushes him causing him to stumble. The shot misses and breaks the window at the far end of the room.

Anyztsan: Another psychic, I see.

Richard: Of the noble Chandoblis, no less.

Anyztsan: I have fought your kind already, and I have killed them.


[Anyztsan has infinite hp so he cannot be killed, and the door is locked so Richard can't escape.]

If player's health is less than or equal to 250,


[One of Anyztsan's shots explodes by Richard's foot, knocking him down. (He is in front of the window at the time.) Anyztsan fires again, but Richard leaps up avoiding the shot and lands on the sill of the broken window. Anyztsan moves closer and points his gun directly at Richard.]

Anyztsan: The game is up. Now you die.

Richard: Really?

[Richard backs up and falls as Anyztsan's shot flies over his head. As he falls past a second floor window he grabs onto it and hoists himself up onto the sill. A squad of Alassani soldiers is seen coming from behind the warehouses.]

[Create 1 squad of 1 squad leader and 5 troopers each at warehouses, at landing area, at communications tower, and at top right corner of map. All 4 squads move toward central building. Also create 1 squad of same type at Richard's ship. This squad stays put.]


2: If player is at Richard's ship and has triggered event 1 and has killed the soldiers at Richard's ship,


[Richard climbs into ship and takes off.]

[Level ends. Load Interlude 1.]



35 troopers and 5 pilots wander aimlessly about the grounds; 2 troopers in entrance; 5 troopers on first floor; 3 troopers in basement; 7 troopers on second floor; 4 troopers in military headquarters; 2 other troopers on third floor; 1 officer with key in military headquarters.



Starting: carry over

In level: TL-34, TL-68, KM-7, Allassani rifle, standard frag grenade.



Starting: carry over

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