Level 3


Opening Video:

[The planet Cendra IV appears on screen seen from space. The Alassani fleet suddenly appears, coming out of hyperspace. It speeds toward the planet. The scene switches to the ground where an army marches through the capital cityís streets.]

[Richard stands again in Caerwonís office.]

Caerwon: The outer rim world Cendra IV has been attacked. I imagine youíve heard the news.

Richard: Yes, sir. I have heard.

Caerwon: I am currently in communication with a representative of ours in the LSP government. Even as we speak, what army the LSP has is being made ready for battle. A declaration of war and a bill to authorize the creation of a larger army and space fleet are currently moving through the legislature. I am sure that a strike to retake Cendra IV will be launched at some point. In the meantime we have been asked to undertake a mission for the LSP. Senator Narāī was on the planet at the time of the invasion, and I have been asked to send someone there to rescue him.

Richard: You wish me to undertake this mission?

Caerwon: I do request it, although I do not order it. You may have had enough of the Alassani for a few days.

Richard: Thank you sir, but I think weíll all have far too much of the Alassani soon. Iíve been back here three days now, and Iím not going to sit idly by while the galaxy is conquered. I accept the mission.

Caerwon: Good. I thought you would. One more thing: Everyone will have missions almost all the time now, and they will be more dangerous. I fear we will lose many of our own. The Chandoblis are no longer just police and peacekeepers, Richard. We are part of a war.

Richard: I understand, and I will do my duty to the LSP and to the order.

[Richardís ship leaves the Chandoblis HQ planet. Scene changes to Cendra IV, which Richardís ship approaches. The ship evades some sporadic fire and lands on the edge of a park. Richard steps out. Nearby, a few rebels are fighting some Alassani soldiers.]

Richard: I need to get Narāī out of here before the Alassani consolidate their hold on the city.

[Commence Play]



1: If player enters capitol,

[Video] (not prerendered since scenery depends on player position)

[Caerwon contacts Richard on his comlink.]

Caerwon: Caerwon to Blackstone. Do you copy?

Richard: I copy.

Caerwon: Thereís a small armada coming over to help you. Several nearby worlds have apparently gathered their forces together to try to deliver Cendra IV. Theyíve got four LSP Battlecruisers with them too, although Iím still not sure that they have enough to take on the Alassani.

Richard: Until we know more about their strength itís anybodyís guess.

Caerwon: That is so, but this action is too rash. I fear little good will come of it. The LSP is gathering a larger fleet and army, but that will take more time. It would be a pity to lose most of the forces of several planets and those four ships the LSP sent with them if these could have served better by joining the great armada than by rushing off to death. Regardless, your mission remains to get Narāī away safely and as soon as possible. Try to get him out before the fight if you can, but if itís already started, donít be tempted to join the battle. Just get the senator out alive.

Richard: Roger that sir.

Caerwon: Good. Iím sure I can trust you Richard. I just wanted to let you know what to expect. Over and out.


2: If player enters Narāīís room and there are no live enemies in the room,


Narāī: Thank you, thank you, youíve saved my life. The LSP will reward you greatly for this.

Richard: Donít bother. Iím just doing my part, and Iím glad to help. Besides we arenít safe yet.

[In a room on the Alassani flag ship, Trranyon sits hooked into the computers as usual. Byanar walks in.]

Byanar: Nudwi Trranyon. [Subtitle: Hello Trranyon.]

Trranyon: Nudwi Byanar. [Subtitle: Hello Byanar.]

Byanar: Es vo agumíbi atae epojee jomozkuem. [Subtitle: It is good to be attacking finally.] Inuje ageyi ef naíik, opuxiya iwsi azíki,, aham azíki noira aklomedu. [Subtitle: Long we have waited, studied their ways, even learned their language.] Ta yek ef voak. [Subtitle: At last we move.]

Trranyon: Kas, es vo ayumíbi ujoudni. [Subtitle: Yes, it is good to strike.]

Byanar: Ifku awklom oqui Anyztsan ujujdni ofa esz usi evkan oiíi aham alk ilurb. [Subtitle: That psychic who evaded Anyztsan must have come as a surprise even to you.]

Trranyon: Etagfer, ol icut su oxir haía alk miut pohi ip ilale er piza, kol ol imru wi awklomae, axi azík vitdyi kum. [Subtitle: Somewhat, I did not expect him to reach the planet or kill so many, but I knew of the psychics, and they are powerful.]

Byanar: Anyztsan vo oba. [Subtitle: Anyztsan is angry.]

Trranyon: Ha toka naíik haíim ilale aroh, ip es toka naíik haía. [Subtitle: He shall have his kill yet, or it shall have him.] [He is silent for a moment as he concentrates on the data feeds that are hooked into him.] Kradaka alkajan esz ataen! [Subtitle: The captive has been rescued!] Nada vo awklom ak nekaíemin. [Subtitle: There is a psychic on the surface.] Dak vazgran. [Subtitle: In the capitol.]

Byanar: Ha toka gwam gilun. [Subtitle: He will not escape.] Ol wi ifku toka makra gisunn. [Subtitle: I will make sure of that.] [He walks toward the door.]

Trranyon: Alnak. [Subtitle: Wait.] Ef esz lajal encurgun nirca jada dirugnak. [Subtitle: We have just decoded this intercepted communication.]

[Play comlink conversationi between Richard and Caerwon.]

Byanar: Ol toka agcal efnaía dar ilark. [Subtitle: I will prepare the fleet for battle.]

Trranyon: Narzgada sar olon ragpar alk armaken asíka. [Subtitle: Send only one group to meet them.]

Byanar: Aln ilurb kardu ifku toka ata enagha? [Subtitle: Do you think that will be enough?]

Trranyon: [Smiles maliciously] Ol kardu es toka makra brawal gand. [Subtitle: I think it will make a good start.]

[End video]

[Create 1 squad of 1 squad leader lower ranking and 6 troopers each on the street in front of the capital and on the street behind it; 2 troopers on each of the 4 side streets; 1 sniper in the stone tower; and 1 squad of 1 squad leader higher ranking, 1 heavy trooper, 1 trooper, 1 sniper, and 1 grenadier in the park.]

[Replace Richardís ship model with Richardís ship destroyed model.]



3: If player returns to his ship and has triggered Event 2 (has freed Narāī)


[Richard and Narāī approach the ship, which has been destroyed.]

Narāī: Now how are we going to get out of here?

Richard: Iím not sure. I suppose I should have found a more hidden landing spot, but I canít help that now. [sighs] I guess Iíll have to see about stealing an Alassani ship again. [Pause] Wait! Thereís someone watching us.

[A gun, held by someone off screen is placed against Richardís head. The owner of the gun speaks in a clear, cold voice.]

Voice: Drop your weapons. Put your hands in the air.

[Richard and Narāī comply as the camera zooms out to show an Alassani Elite Fighter holding his gun to Richardís head. Six troopers rise from hiding amid the wreckage of Richardís ship.]

Elite Fighter: You will come with us now. And donít try to escape; we have yĖĖ.

[A shot comes from off screen and strikes the Elite Fighter in the head. He collapse dead. The camera turns to show a man holding a gun and walking towards Richard and Narāī, who are very surprised at this turn of events. The six shocked Alassani troopers open fire on him and he shoots back. Richard and Narāī pick up their weapons and join the fray.]

[End Video]


If all 6 troopers dead,


Richard: Jaern, you saved our lives! Thank you so much.

Narāī: The League of Starfaring Planets thanks you.

Jaern: Youíre just lucky I showed up when I did.

Richard: Yeah. I guess weíll just say it makes up for Antaz.

Jaern: True. True. I did owe you one after that little adventure. Heck, Iíd probably be in an Antazian Dragonís stomach if it werenít for you.

Richard: And if you were, Iíd be in an Alassani interrogation room right now.

Jaern: So when you lpulled me out of that beastís lair, you were really saving yourself.

Richard: Well. . . I guess you could say that.

Jaern: Anyway, it looks like you guys donít have a very serviceable ship anymore. You want me to give you a ride out of here.

Richard: That would be great if you can. Thank you. Are you finished with whatever business you have down here?

Jaern: Yes. Iím about ready to leave. As a matter of fact, I need to get back to my ship to send a report. I was in the area when the invasioin came, you see, and when they planned the counter-attack I got a job scouting the place out.

Narāī: They planned a counter-attack?

Richard: Yeah, I guess I forgot to mention it. Sorry Narāī. Itís a group of the local planets with a bit of LSP support too. Theyíre going to try to take this place back before the Alassani get settled in.

[The three of are driving to Jaernís ship.]

Jaern: So how have you been doing lately Richard? I havenít seen you in quite a while.

Richard: Yeah, I guess itís been a couple years. Iíve been doing missions mostly. When Iím not out solving some planetís problems, I hang around the HQ and learn new tricks from the masters.

[He idly reaches his hand out the window and a stone flies up from the road and into it.]

Jaern: So you havenít settled down yet either?

Richard: No, although I aim to some day. But Iíve told you how it is before. After training we spend a few years doing a lot of missions and traveling about the galaxy. Seeing things first hand and gaining experience. After that we can settle down if we want. Iíll still do a few missions, though. Most do. [He pauses for a few moments.] Of course itís all going to be different now that thereís a war. The Chandoblis will be busy now and weíll all have plenty to do.

Jaern: The whole LSP will be facing tough times, I think. We havenít had a war like this since before the League was formed. I hope to do my part too. Thatís why Iím here.

Richard: So howíve things been going with you?

Jaern: Well, you know, flying around the galaxy. Doing various jobs, often shipping stuff. I never stay on one planet too long. Always wandering.

Richard: Heck, youíre less settled than I am.

Jaern: I know. Maybe someday Iíll find a place I like and stay put, but for now that life just doesnít suit me.

[Jaernís ship takes off and flies away.]

[End Video]

[End Level]

[Load Level 4]



5 troopers battle rebels near Richardís ship; 1 squad of 1 leader lower ranking and 5 troopers each in the park, on the boulevard, and in the block on the right; 2 grenadiers in the park; 1 grenadier in the left block; 2 troopers on capitol lawn, 2 troopers in restaurant; 2 troopers in store in left block; 1 trooper in shop in right block; 1 trooper in cafť in right block; 1 trooper in war memorial; 1 trooper in tower; 1 sniper in tower; 1 sniper on a shop roof in right block; 2 light speeders with 1 pilot and 1 gunner each patrol the streets; 1 heavy trooper guards the entrance to the capitol; 1 squad of 1 squad leader lower ranking and 3 troopers each on each floor of capitol; 3 troopers on each floor of capitol; 1 grenadier on each floor of capitol; 1 sniper on top floor of capitol; 1 heavy trooper outside Narāīís room guarding it; 2 troopers inside Narāīís room guarding him; 1 officer on first floor



3 rebels battle troopers near Richardís ship; 15 other rebels spread randomly in level (rebels carry assorted weapons)



Starting: Tl-64, KM-7, frag grenade

In level: Alassani rifle, sniper rifle, rail gun, frag grenade, fire bomb grenade, TL-34, TL-64, KM-7, plasma ripper



Starting: grappling hook, lock opening tools, binoculars, headlamp

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