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For anyone who would like to help with 3d modeling for Crucible of Stars (and thank you very much to those who do), here are basic descriptions of some of the models needed. I have not given a great deal of thought to the details of appearance, so that is left up to the modeler as long as everything is consistent with the futuristic sci-fi setting. Alien weapons should probably be fairly strange looking, though not implausible.

If the model has already been made, a link will appear in the screenie column. If there’s no link, then the model is yet unmodeled. If a model already exists but you think you can do a better job, go for it. Feel free to request the original (generally a .obj) for any of the models.



Alassani Standard Rifle   Alassani Rifle
Alassani Rail Gun uses magnets to accelerate shell, fairly large, alien weapon  
Alassani Plasma Ripper pistol, several gas cylinders, alien weapon
Alassani Flame Thrower flame thrower, alien weapon
Alassani Charr electrical/magnetic, alien weapon  
StarLight-3 Heavy Laser Large, cumbersome laser weapon, scope  
Erlitz Anti-Droid Rifle ion rifle
Blackwood AIK very high-tech rifle-like ray-gun, Much circuitry and gadgets, sleek  
Kunaar Ripper repeating weapon, tolerably large but not huge  
SolGuard Devestator very large, durable weapon firing plasma slugs SolGuard Devestator
TL-34 light pistol   tl34
TL-68 heavy pistol   tl68
KM-7 light laser   km7
RL-63 Sniper Rfile   Rl63





Alassani are large human-like aliens with dark red skin, claws, and chin tails.

I realize that some of the below descriptions include more than is necessary for art, but they may help establish a feel for what the soldier type should be like.

name description screenie
Alassani Trooper Basic soldiers of Alassani. They wear little armor and carry the Standard Rifle. The current model may need redoing, but it shows essentially what Alassani soldiers should look like. All the other will use a very similar model, probably the same one with slight modifications, especially to the texture Alassani Trooper
Alassani Squad Leader (lower) These rank only just above the troopers they command and carry the same standard rifle and are only slightly better armored. They can be identified by the emblem of a bloody claw, which they wear proudly on their helmets  
Alassani Squad Leader (higher) The higher ranking squad leaders usually spent years in the Alassani army working up through the ranks and proving their worth. They are valuable enough to be given armor substantially heavier than that of their lower-ranking counterparts. They carry the Plasma Ripper and, due to their extensive training, are quite deadly with it.  
Alassani Heavy Trooper These soldiers are called in when more firepower is needed than standard troops can provide. They wear heavy armor that can take a considerable beating before the wearer feels anything. They are most often found carrying the Rail Gun but sometimes use other weapons.  
Alassani Incinerator The Incinerator is one of the most feared soldiers in the Alassani army. They wear dark suits of very heavy full body armor. They are armed with either the Flame Thrower or the Charr  
Alassani Sniper The snipers of the Alassani army are all excellent shots, but their original rifles couldn’t compete with those used in the LSP. In response to this, Alassani captured large quantities of RL63’s soon after their invasion began and quickly issued them to all of their snipers. Alassani snipers do not wear armor.  
Alassani Officer The officers in the Alassani army are given extensive training in tactics and logistics, but very little in actual combat. As a result, they are usually poor marksmen and can be killed easily. They are, however, often accompanied by guards and generally out of the line of fire. Killing one will sometimes cripple the ability of soldiers under their command to respond to your attacks. Officers wear no armor and carry TL64’s often taken as trophies from dead LSP officers  
Alassani Pilot The job of a pilot is to fly and steer aircraft and vehicles. Therefore, Alassani pilots caught out of their ships are usually easy prey. They carry only the old and relatively weak TL34 pistol, capture from LSP supplies, to defend themselves. Their flight suits provide only minimal protection against guns.  
Elite Fighter These are the most highly trained Alassani fighters and are often sent on important high-risk missions, although htye can be found amongst the troops on the battlefield as well. They are exceedingly agile and shun bulky body armor. Instead, they carry personal energy shield generators on their belts. They can be found with any weapons and are certain to be skilled with whatever they use.  


If interested in redoing or modifying the level shown in the demo, contact me and I'll send you the original .obj for that level.
More Coming Soon.

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